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Ta Ze Olive Oils are products of Turkey.  The company was established in 2001 by the Union of Taris Olive and Olive Oil Co-operatives, 33 co-operatives affiliated with the Union and 28,000 olive producers. Taris Olive and Olive Oil Union is the only producer in Turkey possessing accreditation by the.International Olive Oil Council.  Clarity and purity are assured in all Ta Ze Olive Oils.  L'Escoffier Kitchen Emporium is proud to bring these fine oils to our customers.

Ta Ze Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Extra Virgin Organic
Glass Bottle/ 0.8% Acidity

Tariş organic olive oil produced from Aegean olives harvested through natural methods, with no chemical fertilizers or pesticides utilized during the production phase; cold-pressed on a special production line without delaying or allowing for any blending. The product is certified with a special number indicating conformity approval of surveillance agencies throughout all phases starting from harvesting until reaching the end-user. Tariş organic olive oil is produced by Küçükkuyu and Sultanhisar cooperatives under the surveillance of the international firm Ecocert. It possesses the certificate numbered F-32600. This olive oil is offered in specially made corked glass bottles to provide protection against heat and light so that its superior quality is preserved.
Available in 250ml and 500ml bottles.

Ta Ze Eskisigibi Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Eskisi Gibi
Glass Bottle/ 0.8% Acidity

Produced with traditional methods at Tariş’s Altınoluk Cooperative facilities through crushing of diligently picked olives in granite mills without delay and “water-pressing”, which means pressing of the olive paste in jug bags with water below 28°C, this extra virgin olive oil has a soft taste and a dark yellow color.  500ml

Ta Ze Incecik Eİncecik Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Glass Bottle/ 0.5% Acidity

Thousand years old olive trees that witnessed the legends of Sarıkız and Hasanboğuldu… Olives harvested from oxygen amassing trees by the Mıhlıçay River in the Şahindere Canyon… An olive oil as clear as the waters flowing from the Sutüven Waterfall… An olive oil to be preferred to accompany the endless selection of sea food from the Gulf… This delicious olive oil is produced through pressing of olives grown on cold resistant trees that yield medium size olives, known as “Edremit olives for oil” in Turkey and as “Midilli” in the world literature, located up to 300 meters from the sea level.
Available in 250ml and 500ml bottles.

Ta Ze Aivaly Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Glass Bottle/ 0.5% Acidity

An elixir of health with a fresh smell… The dramatic temperature variations caused by winter’s northwestern and northeastern winds generate a positive influence on the quality of olives. Ayvalık’s distinct geographical location and climate is reflected upon the taste of the olive. Aivaly is one of the most exceptional olive oil of the Northeastern Anatolia, offering a very nice aroma. To produce this stone-crush cold-press olive oil, olives are picked by hand or by hitting with long sticks when they start to turn purplish from dark green. You distinguish the fresh smell and slightly sweet taste that is shortly superseded by the mild taste of artichoke in Aivaly.
Available in 250ml and 500ml bottles.

Ta Ze Kidonia Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Glass Bottle/ 0.3% Acidity

This olive oil cold pressed from Ayvalık’s hand-picked local olives with their special flavor has the lowest acidity ratio among all Tariş olive oils. Its acidity ratio is 0.3 %. With its soft taste and exquisite inherent almondish aroma, it offers new savors to salads, breakfasts, grilled fish and slightly fried white meat.
Available in 250ml and 500ml bottles.

Ta Ze Aegean Sun Dried Sea Salt Crystals
Aegean Sun Dried Sea Salt Crystals

The astonishing equilibrium of the sea and sea minerals is hidden in these tiny crystals… Unprocessed, unrefined, unadulterated – Sun Dried Sea Salt… This natural salt containing natural iodine and natural minerals carries the smell of the Aegean to your table.  This salt can be used in a salt mill.
18 oz Jar