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"Dynamic Products for Dynamic Living", Prodyne's slogan aptly describes this beautiful line of indoor/outdoor serve ware.  The company was founded in 1971 and in the early 80's they decided to expand their product line by designing and manufacturing many new and innovative products.  Prodyne now offers a wide assortment of kitchenware ,barware and serveware in Stainless steel, acrylic, wood and other materials.  Although they have continued to grow over the years they have not lost sight of the purpose for which Prodyne was founded... to design, develop and manufacture unique consumer products with high style and high performance, at prices that are affordable.  L'Escoffier Kitchen Emporium is excited to offer our customers this innovative product line!


Prodyne Iced Salad 5etICED Salad™
Keep your salads chilled and fresh on a bed of ice!  The high quality 18/8 stainless steel upper salad bowl (4.5
                               quart) nests inside
                               a thick polystyrene
                               bowl (6 quart).  The
                               acrylic dome lid
                               keeps the cold air in
                               and the bugs out. 
                               Salad servers are
                               included. Bowl with
                               lid measures 11 ¾" 
                               D x 9" H. BPA free.
                               Item #17416

Prodyne Iced Dip Set
Dips, sauce, condiments and snacks stay chilled and tasty on ice. The
stainless steel upper dip bowl (22oz)
Prodyne Iced Bowl Insert with Lidnests inside the 
stylish lower acrylic ice bowl. A
convenient snap on 
lid is included. 
BPA Free. 6" x 4.5"
Item #17414

Prodyne Iced Platter
ICED Platter™
This 2 piece set features a high quality 18/8 stainless steel upper food platter and a crystal clear polystyrene
Prodyne Iced Platter Bottomlower ice tray. Simply fill the bottom tray with crushed or 
cubed ice and put 
the platter on top to 
chill.  The bottom
can be used alone
                               as a 3-part server.
                               10½"D x 2¼" 
                               BPA free.
                               Item #17415

Prodyne Appetizers on Ice with LidsICED Appetizers™
Keep your appetizers chilled and fresh on a bed of ice!  The high quality 18/8 stainless steel 2 compartment
upper food tray rests
                               on top of a thick
                               polystyrene bottom
                               ice tray.14" x 2 ¾"
                               BPA Free.
                               Item #17491

Prodyne Iced Eggs Platter
ICED Eggs™
A chilling combination of 
stainless steel and
polystyrene, this 
beautiful egg platter
brings high design
                               and impressive stay 
                               cold function to the
                               party. The 18/8 
                               stainless steel upper
                               tray holds 24 deviled 
                               egg halves.  Your
                               eggs will stay chilled
                               for hours. BPA free.
                               Item #17492


Prodyne Prep & SlicePrep & Slice
Prodyne's Prep & Slice Cutting Board/Utility Tray Combo is an absolute kitchen & barbecue essential!  For the
                             barbecue, use the
                             bottom tray to 
                             marinate or season
                             your meat.  Use the
                             the top cutting board
                             to slice and dice 
                             meats, seafood or
                             veggies, then carry 
                             your feast right out to
                             the barbecue.  After
                             cooking, flip the
                             cutting board over to
                             the clean side &
                             place your cooked
                             meal on top. Slice
                             meat and the
                             drippings fall into the
                             bottom tray, keeping
                             your counters clean!
                             For everyday use,
                             peel, cut and chop
                             fruit, veggies, etc. and
                             push unwanted
                             peelings out of the
                             way through the open
                             slots at each end and
                             into the tray.  Made
                             of high density
                             polypropylene this
                             set is BPA free and
                             dishwasher safe.
                             A L'Escoffier staff
                             favorite that makes a
                             great gift for yourself
                             or anyone who loves
                             to cook inside or out!
                             18.25" x 13.25" x 2"
                              Item #17452

Prodyne Butter DishButter Please Covered Butter Dish
Made of crystal clear acrylic.  BPA free.
Item #17459  

Prodyne Acrylic Sugar Jar with SpoonSugar Please Covered Sugar Jar with Spoon
Made of crystal clear acrylic.  BPA free.    Holds up to 13 oz.
Item #17601

Prodyne Acrylic CreamerCream Please
Covered Creamer
Made of crystal clear acrylic.  BPA free.
7 ½ ounces.
Item #17463

Prodyne Acrylic Stacking Spice JarsAcrylic Spice Tower Self-Stacking Spice Jars
The self-stacking interlocking spice bottle design keeps your spices sturdy,
                              while you stack them
                              high. The set of 6 jars
                              have removable sifter
                              lids and 2 extra
                              sifters with smaller 
                              holes are included as
                              well as 48 pre-printed
                              and 6 blank spice 
                              labels (spices not 
                              included). The 5 oz.
                              bottles are made of 
                              crystal clear acrylic
                              and each measures
                              3” D x 3” H
                             6 stacked = 13 ¾” H
                             Item #17454

                              Stacking Spice Jars
                              are also sold
                              Item #17455

Prodyne Acrylic Straw DispenserAcrylic Old Fashioned Straw Dispenser
Bring back memories with this fun and functional straw dispenser. Just lift
                              the lid and the straws
                              will pop up and fan
                              out. Crystal clear,
                              break resistant 
                              acrylic body comes
                              with chromed steel 
                              lid and tray. 36 
                              straws are included.
                               Item #17469


Prodyne Grape Acrylic GlassesEmbossed Grape Acrylic Stemware
This crystal clear acrylic stemware features an elegant embossed grape cluster design.
                      Item #17521 - 10oz Wine
                      Item #17537 - 14oz Wine
                      Item #17538 - 6oz   Flute

Prodyne Acrylic Margarita Glass
Embossed Grape Acrylic 12 oz. Margarita Glass
A twist on the traditional margarita glass, these clear acrylic embossed
                             beauties will be the 
                             talk of the party. 
                             Item #17539

Prodyne Contours Acrylic TumblersCONTOURS Acrylic Beverageware
Beautiful elegant rounded designs in thick acrylic.
BPA Free
Item #17529 - 14 oz
                             Item #17530 - 19 oz

Prodyne Forever 34 oz Big Litre Beer Mug
FOREVER™ 34 oz Polycarbonate Beer Mug
Made from tough polycarbonate plastic, this beer mug is unbreakable and 
                             dishwasher safe.
                             Item #17520

Prodyne Forever Polycarbonate PilsnerFOREVER 24 oz Polycarbonate Pilsner
This pilsner features classical designs with stylish thick bottoms. Unbreakable and 
                             dishwasher safe, 
                             polycarbonate resists
                             cracking, clouding 
                             and crazing and offers
                             long lasting glass-like
                             Item #17426

Prodyne Forever Grand CollectionFOREVER™ Grand Polycarbonate Stemwares
The elegant styling of this beautiful
collection achieves a new level in 
                             drinkware design.
                             Each single molded 
                             piece offers care-free 
                             break-proof strength
                             and dishwasher safe,
                             lasting clarity.
              Item #17443 - 10 oz Wine
              Item #17444 - 10 oz Martini
              Item #17445 - 14 oz Goblet
              Item #17446 - 14 oz Margarita
              Item #17515 -   6 oz Flute


Prodyne Appetizers on Ice with LidsAppetizers on Ice with Lids
Keep hors d’oeuvres chilled and fresh for hours over a bed of ice. The revolving tray keeps appetizers
                              chilled so they stay
                              fresh and tasty 
                              through the party.
                              The double 
                              compartment food 
                              trays have vented 
                              bottoms to allow the 
                              chill from the ice to 
                              flow through. A 
                              removable dip cup is
                              also included. Each
                              upper food tray and 
                              the dip cup have their
                              own attractive lid to 
                              keep the cold in and
                              the bugs out. Perfect
                              for both indoor and 
                              outdoor entertaining, 
                              Made from durable,
                              BPA free,
                          .   16 ½" D x 5" H.
                              Item #17409

Prodyne Buffet On IceBuffet On Ice™
Fill the bottom tray with ice and rest the 
upper 4 compartment food tray above the ice. The bottom tray can be used alone for 
                              salads, pasta, rolls, 
                              and more. Includes
                              a removable dip cup.
                              BPA free.
                              19 ¾” x 11 ¾” x 5”.
                              Item #17401

Prodyne Salad on IceSalad On Ice™
Keep salads and fruit chilled and fresh with this unique acrylic salad bowl featuring a vented ice chamber base. Fill the base
                              with cubed or
                              crushed ice, place 
                              the nesting
                              removable vented 
                              grate at the bottom of
                              the bowl. Fill the bowl
                              and allow the chill of 
                              the ice to pass
                              through to the salad
                              above. The grate also
                              acts as a drainer to 
                              keep salads from
                              getting soggy. The 
                              set includes salad
                              servers that hook 
                              onto the bowl’s rim.
                              BPA free.
                              6.2 quart 11”  x 6”
                              Item #17402

Prodyne Salad On Ice with Lid
Salad On Ice with Dome Lid™
Same as the Prodyne Salad on Ice but comes with a clear, BPA free dome lid.
Item #17403

Prodyne Cold Cover Chiller LidCold Cover Chiller Lid
This unique 2 piece set includes attractive dome lid and removable freezer pod.  Store
                               freezer pod in freezer
                              so it's ready to use
                              any time!  Then just
                              screw into lid and 
                              place lid on salad 
                              bowl or appetizer 
                              tray.  Food below will 
                              stay chilled and 
                              fresh.  Dome lid 
                              keeps the cold in and
                              the bugs out and fits
                              any 9" to 12-1.4" 
                              round bowl or tray.
                              BPA free. 12 ¾" x 4" 
                              Bowl not included.
                              Item #17400

Prodyne Condiments On IceCondiments on Ice
Keep your condiments and garnishes cool and crisp throughout the party with Prodyne's Condiments On Ice. 
                              The hinged lid keeps
                              the cold in and bugs
                              out. Set includes 
                              clear acrylic tray with
                              five compartments. 
                              Each compartment 
                              holds two cups. 
                              BPA free.
                              Item #17408

Prodyne Iced Fruit Infusion Pitcher
ICED Fruit Infusion Pitcher™
Enjoy refreshing lemon water, raspberry iced tea and more and keep it
                              cold with this 
                              attractive new combo
                              pitcher. The 
                              removable fruit
                              infusion rod can 
                              easily be filled with 
                              cut lemons, limes, 
                              raspberries, etc. and
                              easily slides into
                              pitcher. Open slots in
                              the rod allow liquids
                              and fruit to mix 
                              naturally to give your
                              beverages a fruit
                              infused flavor. The
                              pitcher can be 
                              continually refilled 
                             without replacing the
                              the fruit. Attach the
                              removable freezer ice
                              tube (screws into lid)
                              top. Pre-chilled 
                              beverages stay 
                              chilled for hours
                              without ice cube
                              dilution. Just fill the
                              ice tube with water
                              one time and keep in
                              freezer. It may be re-
                              frozen repeatedly
                              without re-filling with
                              water. 3 quart (96oz.)
                              BPA free.
                              Item #17412


Prodyne Square Acrylic Wine BucketAcrylic Square Wine Bucket
This wine bucket feature a stylish ribbed wall, “molded-in” handles and are large enough
                              to hold 2 bottles of
                              your favorite vintage.
                              8” L x 8” W x 8” H.
                              Item #17504

Prodyne Round/Square  Wine Bucket
Wine Bucket
Elegant crystal clear design features a circular profile at the top which beautifully
                               transitions to a
                               square profile at the
                               bottom. Attractive 
                               molded-in” grips add
                               a finishing touch. 
                               8” D x 8” H
                               4 ½ quart capacity.
                               Item #17505

Prodyne Big Bath Party TubBIG BATH Acrylic
Party Tub
This big oversize acrylic ice tub holds plenty of ice and plenty of your favorite beverages. It features
                               an easy carry rim 
                               and raised center
                               bottom to keep the
                               bottles upright and 
                               steady. Made from
                               shatter-proof, break
                               resistant acrylic.
                              19"L x 13"W x 11"H
                               Item #17421

Prodyne Swirl Iceless Wine ChillerSwirl Iceless Wine Cooler
These new look iceless wine coolers feature a sleek double wall design that combines thick
                               acrylic with stylish 
                               brushed stainless
                               steel.  The swirl 
                               design is sealed
                               between the double
                               walls. The coolers
                               require no advance 
                               preparation, just a
                               pre-chilled bottle in
                               the cooler and the
                              wine will stay chilled 
                              for hours without ice.
                              Shatterproof, break
                              resistant design 
                              holds all standard
                              wine and champagne
                              Item #17440

Prodyne Punch and Salad Bowl ComboPunch and Salad Bowl Combo
Crystal clear acrylic bowl set has double usage as it provides elegant punch bowl and grand salad bowl
                              service. 12 piece set
                              includes large bowl
                              (8 qts), 8 punch cups
                              (8 oz), punch ladle 
                              and 2 salad servers
                              BPA free.
                              Item #17546

Prodyne Grape Acrylic Wine Holder Party PlateEmbossed Grape Acrylic Wine Holder Party Plate
Party perfect plates support your glass of wine, so you have a free hand to enjoy
                              hors d’oeuvres or a 
                              friendly handshake. 
                              These convenient
                              plates are ideal for all
                              indoor and outdoor 
                              Item #17544

Prodyne Wine and Dine Party PlateWine ‘n Dine Polypropylene Party Plates
These handy oval polypropylene plates are available in black, red or white. They
                              measure 10” x 7 ½” 
                              and are dishwasher
                              safe.  BPA Free.
                               Item #17423 - Red
                               Item #17424 - Black
                               Item #17425 - White

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