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L'Escoffier Kitchen Emporium is pleased to offer our customers the Outset® line of quality barbecue tools and accessories.  You'll find just about everything you need from smoking boxes and wood chips, to pizza stones, woks, grilling tools and so much more.

Superior non-stick functionality offers safe cooking and easy clean up.  Crafted to withstand extreme temperatures from heat and flame.  No PTFE's or PFOA's.

Outset Non-Stick Grill GridNon-Stick Grill Grid
Perfect for smaller pieces of meat, fish or vegetables.
Item #QD81 - 17" x 11"
Item #QD82 -   7" x 11"

Outset Non-Stick Grill WokNon-Stick Grill Wok
Make your most flavorful stir-fries on the grill!
Item #QD70 - 10.75" dia.
                         Item #QD78 -       8" dia.

Outset Non-Stick Pizza Grill PanNon-Stick Pizza Grill Pan with Foldable Handle
Everyone enjoys pizza cooked on the barbecue!  13" diameter
                          with a folding handle for
                          easy storage.
                          Item #QD40

Outset Non-Stick SkewersNon-Stick Skewers
These feature a flat design to prevent foods from spinning on the skewer.  Set of 6.
                           Item #QD90

Outset Black Mesh Roasting PanNon-Stick Mesh Roasting Pan
The mesh design of this versatile roasting pan
                           allows for searing while
                           preventing small foods
                           from slipping below the
                           bbq grate.  Helper
                           handles allow for easy
                           transportation to and
                           from the grill.
                           16.75" x 11" x 2"
                           Item #QD52

Outset Chef's Outdoor Grill Basket & SkilletNon-Stick Chef's Outdoor Grill Basket & Skillet
3 Tools in 1 - This basket can be used as
                           skillet, deep basket or
                           together as a grill
                           basket with lid.  The
                           design promotes the
                           infusion of smokey
                           flavour however you use
                           it!  11.75" diameter
                           Item #QD77

Outset Kabob BasketsNon-Stick Kabob Baskets
Perfect for your creative kabobs!  Set of 2.
19.5" length
                            Item #QD76

Outset Meatball BasketNon-Stick Meatball Basket
Grill 12 uniform meatballs at a timeOutset Meatball Basket Photo
with this L'Escoffier      staff favourite.  Make up a big batch in the good weather and freeze for winter dinners.
                          Item #QD86

Outset Non-Stick Corn BasketNon-Stick Corn Basket
Grill 4 ears of fresh corn easily with the Outset®
Corn Basket
                          Item #QD74 

Outset Non-Stick Roast and Ribs RackNon-Stick Reversible Roast & Rib Rack
Holds 6 racks of ribs upright. Flip rack to hold turkey,chicken & roasts.
Item #QD50

Outset Collapsible Jalapeno RoasterNon-Stick Collapsible Jalapeno Roaster
Holds 16 stuffed jalapeno peppers upright for cooking on the grill or in
                        the oven.  Collapsible
                        legs for easy storage.
                        Item #Q117

The unique signature copper colour grillware is the original professional-grade non-stick grillware.  Designed to enhance the look and feel of at home entertaining while serving up the utmost in non-stick functionality.  Double coated for superior durability.  Silicone based. No PTFE's or PFOA's.

Outset Copper Grill WokOutset® Non-Stick Copper Grill Wok
The perfect way to enjoy large amounts of chopped foods without losing them in the fire!
                          10.75" diameter
                          Item #QN70

Outset Copper SkilletOutset® Non-Stick Copper Skillet
Perforated skillet lets smokey flavour in!  Soft grip handle is removeable.
                          12" diameter
                          Item #QN77

Outset Copper Grill GridOutset® Non-Stick Copper Grill Grid
Perfect for smaller pieces of meat, fish or vegetables.
17" x 11"
                           Item #QN71

Outset Copper Grill BasketOutset® Non-Stick Copper Grill Basket
Great for grilling fish, meats and vegetables.
12.5" x 9.5" basket
25" length with handle
                           Item #QN73

Beautiful to look at, remarkably durable and able to withstand very hot and cold temperatures.  Outset® stainless steel products are resistant to rust, easy to clean and lightweight.

Outset Stainless Steel Grill WokOutset® S/S Grill Wok
The 12" x 12" Stainless Steel Grill Wok is perfect for roasting potatoes or preparing any "stir-grilled"
                          Item #QS70

Outset SS Grill GridOutset® S/S Grill Grid
Like it's non-stick version, the Outset® S/S Grill Grid is great for fish or smaller cuts of meat or veggies.  17" X 11"
                         Item #QS71

Outset Stainless Steel Small Side BasketOutset® S/S Side Basket
The vertical sides of these innovative baskets decrease the surface area used by the basket,
                         leaving more space for
                         other foods on the grill.
                         Perfect for sautèing
                         smaller sides of meats,
                         seafoods or vegetables.
                         Available in two sizes:
                         Item #QS66 - 8"x4.25"x3
                         Item #QS64 -13.5"x4.75x3"

Outset 2-In-1 Roasting WokOutset® S/S 2-In-1 Roasting Wok
Easy one-twist assembly converts this from a simple grill wok to a beer can roaster.  Use
                         with the 8" cylinder for
                         roasting birds or without
                         it as a wok. Comes apart
                         cleanly for storage and
                         easy cleaning.
                         16" X 12" x 1.5"
                         Item #QS56

Outset Stainless Steel Paella PanOutset® S/S Paella Pan
Try your hand at Spanish cooking on the grill with the Outset® Stainless Steel Paella
                          Pan.  Featuring easy-
                          carry handles and a
                          family size 16" size
                          you'll love this pan both
                          on the grill and on the
                          Item #QS68

Outset Chicken Leg & Jalapeno RoasterOutset® S/S Chicken Leg & Jalapeno Roaster
The name says it all! Roast 24 chicken legs
                          or stuffed jalapeno
                          peppers at a time.  The
                          flared hold design helps
                          prevent juices from
                          dripping onto flames and
                          causing flare-ups.  The
                          legs are collapsible for
                          easy storage.
                          11.5" x 8" x 3"
                          Item #QS83

Outset SS Chimney Grill StarterOutset® S/S Chimney Grill Starter
Get your charcoal going quickly with this stainless steel
chimney grill starter.
                          5 LB capacity
                          Item #QS10

Outset Stainless Steel SkewersOutset® S/S Skewer Set
Flat design to prevent foods from spinning on
                          skewer.  Set of 4
                          Item #QS78

Outset Sports Stainless Steel Skewer SetOutset® S/S BBQ Skewer Set
Flat design to prevent foods from spinning on
skewer.  Set of 6                         Item #QS80

Outset Lone Star Stainless Steel Skewer Set
Outset® S/S Lone Star Skewer Set
Flat design to prevent foods from spinning on
skewer.  Set of 6                         Item #QS79

Outset Barnyard Skewer Set
Outset® S/S Barnyard Skewer Set
Flat design to prevent foods from spinning on
skewer.  Set of 6                         Item #QN78

Outset Stainless Steel Flexible Skewers
Outset® S/S Flexible Skewer Set
Flexible style effectively utilizes grill top surface area.  Holds more food than traditional skewers.
                          Item #QS82

Love smoked flavour from your grill?  Enhance it with these great smoking accessories from Outset®!

Outset Wood Chip SoakerOutset® Wood Chip Soaker
Fill the bottom, secure the lid, fill with water, soak 2 hours, drain the water & load your
                          smoker box.  It's just
                          that simple!
                          6" H, 48oz Capacity
                          Item #F750

Outset Stainless Steel Wood Chip Smoking BoxOutset® Stainless Steel Wood Chip Smoking Box
Simply fill with soaked wood chips, place with the hot coals below the
                          grilling surface, lower
                          the lid and when it
                          starts smoking, start
                          grilling!  9" x 3.5"
                          Item #QS77

Outset Cast Iron Wood Chip Smoking BoxOutset® Cast Iron Wood Chip Smoking Box
Indestructible cast iron makes an everlasting
                          smoking box!  8" x 5"
                          Item #Q177

Outset Mesquite Wood Smoking Chips
Outset® Mesquite Wood Smoking Chips
Soak chips in water, beer or wine for 2 hours, drain and put into your smoker box.  Mesquite
                         is especially great with
                         ribs, burgers, poultry or
                         Item #F703

Outset Hickory Wood Smoking ChipsOutset® Hickory Wood Smoking Chips
Soak chips in water, beer or wine for 2 hours, drain and put into your smoker box.  Hickory is best
                        used with pork or
                        Item #F705

Outset Cedar Grilling PlanksOutset® Cedar Planks
Nothing beats cedar planked salmon or pork!  Soak a board for 2-3 hours, place on a heated grill and place your fish or
                        meat directly on the
                        plank.  Simply delicious!
                        Set of 4 (7"x12"/plank)
                        Item #F715

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Designed for use at high heats on the barbecue or in the oven, Outset® pizza deliver quality, crisp pizza crusts every time!  Great for breads and tortillas too!  Pizza stones and accessories make terrific gifts any time of the year!

Outset Rectangular Pizza StoneOutset® Rectangular Pizza Stone
Able to withstand
temperatures up to
                              450° the Outset®
                              14" x 16" Pizza
                              Stone is great in the
                              oven or on the
                              barbecue.  It is 1/2"
                              thick and evenly
                              distributes heat to
                              create a crisp crust.
                              Great for baking
                               breads and rolls too.
                               Item #QZ42
Outset Round Pizza Stone

Outset® Round Pizza Stone
All the same features as above,
                               but available in 2
                               convenient sizes.
                               13" - Item #QZ44
                               16.5" - Item #QZ46

Outset Stainless Steel Pizza PeelOutset® Stainless Steel Pizza Peel
21" smooth stainless steel peel with Rosewood Handle that folds for easy storage.
Item #QZ10

Outset Wood Pizza Peel

Outset® Pizza Peel
This lightweight but sturdy peel has a beveled front edge to get under your pizza
                              with ease. The
                              phenolic paper 
                              material makes it
                              dishwasher safe and
                              allows it to double as
                              a cutting board so
                              you can slide out
                              your pizza and roll
                              the cutter right
                              across without having
                              to transfer it to
                              another surface.
                              14 x 21" - heat safe
                               to 350° F (177°C)
                               Made in the U.S.A.
                               Item #QZ12

Outset Pizza CutterOutset® Pizza Cutter
Better than a tiny pizza wheel, this phenolic paper
                               curved guillotine
                               slices pizza quickly,
                               cleanly and evenly,
                               but has no sharp
                               edges that will
                               damage your
                               counter or get dull.
                               Dishwasher safe.
                               16 x 4.5"
                               Item #QZ20

Outset® Prep Collection
Outset® Prep tools help fast-forward through the work stage to get you to your table faster!  Clean-up is easy too as all pieces are dishwasher safe.

Outset Slider PressOutset® Slider Press
Measure and dispense perfect size sliders in 1, 2 or 3 ounce patties.
Item #Q113

Outset Burger PressOutset® Burger Press
Impress your guests with perfect 1/4, 1/3 or 1/2 lb. burgers!
Item #Q114

Outset Meat ShreddersOutset® Meat Shredders
Shred cooked chicken, pork or beef brisket effortlessly.  Soft grip handles with professional grade 304 stainless steel tines.  Handle measures 7.5" with 1.5" tines.  Includes tine covers for safe storage.
Item #Q128

Outset® Thermometers
Take the guessing game out of food doneness with thermometers from Outset®.

Outset Mini Steak ThermometerOutset® Mini Steak Thermometer
A mini thermometer for every steak!  You and your guests can each have your steak cooked the way you
                             like it!   2.5" length
                             Thermometer can be
                              left in steak while
                              grilling and is dish-
                              washer safe. Sold
                               Item #F805CDU

Outset Mini Pork Thermometer
Outset® Mini Pork Thermometer
A mini thermometer for pork chops! 2.5" length. Thermometer can be left in pork
                               while grilling and is
                               dishwasher safe.
                               Set of 2.
                               Item #F806

Outset Mini Poultry ThermometerOutset® Mini Poultry Thermometer
A mini thermometer for poultry! 2.5" length. Thermometer
                               can be left in meat
                               while grilling and is
                               dishwasher safe.
                               Set of 2.
                               Item #F807

Outset Spud Buds Potato ThermometersOutset® Spud Buds
Potato Thermometer
The Outset® Spud Bud thermometer reads the internal
                               temperature of a
                               potato to indicate
                               when it is ready to
                                eat.  Thermometer
                                can be left in
                                potato while grilling
                                or in the oven.
                                Dishwasher safe.
                                Set of 4
                                Item #F818

Outset Grill Surface ThermometerOutset® Grill Surface Thermometer
When barbecuing, grilling or searing, grill surface
                                temperatures are
                                critical.  A "must
                                have" for every
                                Item #F810

An environmentally friendly line of barbecue tools that are made of 100% sustainable materials including recycled stainless steel construction and farm-raised bamboo.

Outset QV10 Verde Spatula

Outset®  Verde Spatula
18" long.
Item #QV10

Outset QV12 Verde SpatulaOutset® Verde Tapered Spatula
18" long.  Tapered face for precise handling of foods with effortless flipping & cutting.
Item #QV12

Outset QV25 Verde 18Outset® Verde Locking Tongs
18" Long with locking mechanism.
Item #QV25

Outset QV57 3-in-1 Claw TongsOutset® 3-In-1 Locking Claw Tongs
Flip, grip and poke food with ease.
                                Item #QV57
Outset QV30 Verde Fork

Outset® Verde Fork
17.5" Meat Fork
Item #QV30

Outset QV40 Grill BrushOutset® Verde Grill Brush
14" grill brush with scraper.
Item #QV40

Outset QV49 Verde Triangular Grill BrushOutset® Verde Triangular Grill Brush
Three sided grill
                                 brush cleans
                                 between grill grates
                                 and hard to reach
                                 Item #QV49

The same environmentally friendly features as their smaller counterparts, the Outset® Verde Grande Collection have much larger heads and remarkable tiger bamboo handles.

Outset QVG10 18Outset® Verde Grande Spatula
18" Long.
Item #QVG10

Outset QVG20 Verde Grande 18
Outset® Verde Grande Tongs
18" with locking mechanism.
Item #QVG10

Outset QVG40 Grill Brush
Outset® Verde Grande Replaceable Head Grill Brush 
17" grill brush with replaceable stainless steel
                                 bristles head.
                                 Item #QVG40

Outset AVG45 Replacement Bristles for QVG40
Outset® Verde Grande Replacement Bristles
Replacement head
                                  for QVG40 Grill
                                  Item #AVG45

The largest of the Outset® line of barbecue tools, the Rosewood Collection feature beautiful design, stainless steel construction and some of the finest wood on earth.  

Outset QB00 3 Piece Rosewod Tool SetOutset® Rosewood 3 Piece Tool Set
This versatile set includes a spatula, tongs and fork.
Item #QB00

Outset QB10 21
Outset® Rosewood Spatula
21" long
Item #QB10

Outset QB22 Extra Long Rosewood TongsOutset® Rosewood Extra Long Tong
22" Locking Tongs
Item #QB22

Outset QB30 20

Outset® Rosewood Fork
20" Long
Item #QB30

Outset QB12 Flex Griddle Spatula
Outset® Flex Griddle Spatula
Tapered face for precise food handling. 17.5"
Item #QB12

Outset QB57 Slotted Turner Tong
Outset® Rosewood Slotted Turner Tong
19" tong & turner all in one!
Item #QB57

Outset QB68 Silicone Sop MopOutset® Rosewood Silicone Sop Mop
The BEST sop mop you'll ever use!  The silicone head is
                                removeable for easy
                                Item #QB68


Outset Leather Grill MittOutset® Leather Grill Mitt
15" Length Leather Grill Mitt
Item #F232

Outset Leather Grill GlovesOutset® Leather Grill Gloves
Pair of 15" Leather Grill Gloves
Item #F234

Outset Leather Grill ApronOutset® Leather Grill Apron
Adjustable Leather Grill Bib Apron for the serious griller!
Item #F240