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Microplane Zester GraterZester/Grater 40020
Use to zest citrus, grate hard cheeses or ginger.

Microplane Long Zester
Zester 40001
Use to zest oranges, lemons, limes and other citrus fruits.

Microplane Spice GraterSpice Grater 40016
Use to grate hard spices like cinnamon or nutmeg.

Available in Red, White, Yellow and Green

Microplane Artisan Fine GraterFine Grater
Use to zest citrus, grate garlic and hard cheeses. 

Microlane Artisan Coarse Grater Coarse Grater
Use to grate hard cheeses, carrots and coconut.

Microplane Artisan Extra Coarse GraterExtra Coarse Grater
Use to grate soft cheeses, potatoes and cabbage.

Microplane Artisan Ribbon GraterRibbon Grater
Use to grate chocolate, soft cheeses and onion.

Microplane Brand Logo


Microplane Gourmet SeriesThe Microplane Gourmet Series of hand graters are designed for both the professional chef and home cook.  They have a reusable cover and an expansive paddle-shaped grating and shaving surface to make fast work of zesting citrus, grating potatoes, carrots, onions and cheeses, and shaving coconut, chocolate and other foods.
Available in black and red handle.

Star Grater 45009     Coarse Grater 45000
Fine Grater 45004     Extra Coarse Grater 45008
Ribbon Grater 45002 Ultra Coarse Grater 45011
Large Shaver 45006 Slider Attachment 45057

Microplane Bar ToolStainless Steel Bar Tool 41950
-Bottle Opener
-Zester Blade
-Garnishing Blade

Microplane Citrus ToolUltimate Citrus Tool 2.0
Features a longer handle, finger guard, 2 garnishing blades and a larger zesting surface.  Available in yellow or green.

Microplane Rotary Grater
2-in-1 Rotary Grater 39306
18/8 S/S blades
grate hard and soft cheese with a single drum.
Microplane Parmesan GraterParmesan Rotary Grater 39008
Features a star blade design for finely grating hard cheese.

Microplane Cheese PlaneAdjustable Cheese Plane 34011
3 levels of thickness with ribbon blade for grating small amounts of hard

Microplane Box Grater4 Sided Box Grater 34006
Ultra Coarse, Fine, Ribbon and Slicing Blades with non-slip hand grip.

Microplane Twist and GrateTwist N Grate
Two long-lasting, ultra sharp s/s blades. One side Ultra Coarse, One Side Fine.
Collapsible space
                                 saving design.

Microplane Grate and ShakeGrate & Shake 34001
18/8 S/S blades.
Top stores whole nutmeg. Bottom holds grated

Microplane Meat TenderizerMeat Tenderizer 48903(Black) 48103 (Red)
The Microplane Meat Tenderizer has extraordinarily sharp, etched blades designed to easily cut into meats like flank or skirt steaks to soften fibers and enhance taste.  The reusable cover fits into the hand to provide an ergonomic grip and serves a blade cover for safe storage.  Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Garlic Mincer 48004
Microplane Garlic Mincer
Microplane's new Garlic Mincer features a top loading design that feeds peeled cloves through a super-sharp grid for fast and effortless mincing with just a squeeze of the handle.  The result is perfectly uniform cubes that retain all of their natural oils and flavour.  Dishwasher safe and cleans easily with the removable grid.  One of the best kitchen gadgets you'll find!

Microplane Herb MillHERB MILL 48006 (Plastic) 48906 (Stainless Steel)
The Microplane Herb Mill features hundreds of tiny scissors on blades that cut herbs without bruising or blemishing.  Simply twist the top to easily cut fresh herbs like parsley, dill, cilantro and sage.  The handle is removable to easily load a generous supply of fresh herbs.

Microplane Cheese MillCHEESE MILL 48007 (Plastic) 48907 (Stainless Steel)
Microplane's Cheese Mill has two interchangeable blades (fine and coarse) for grating a variety of hard cheeses like Parmesan, Swiss or Romano.  The large body holds a generous supply of your favourite cheese. Includes a lid for convenient storage of blades.

Microplane Pizza CutterPIZZA CUTTER 48105
The Microplane Pizza Cutter has a sharp stainless steel blade, ergonomic handle and a revolutionary design that offers removal of the blade for complete cleaning.

For more information and to view the complete catalogue of Microplane products, please ask a Sales Associate.