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Global Knives are manufactured in Japan and fashioned in Samurai sword tradition.  The edges are ground straight to a point (not beveled) resulting in a dramatically sharper knife that holds it's edge longer than most.  The handles are sand filled which provides precise balance.

Global G2 Cook's KnifeG2 - 20cm/8" Cook's Knife

Global G3 Carving KnifeG3 - 21cm/8.25" Carving Knife

Global G8 Roast Slicer KnifeG8 - 22cm/8.5" Roast Slicer

Global G9 Bread KnifeG9 - 22cm/8.5" Bread Knife

Global G12 Meat ChopperG12 - 16cm/6.3" Meat Chopper

Global G21 Flexible Boning KnifeG21 - 16cm/6.3" Flexible Boning Knife

Global G45 Ceramic SharpenerG45 - 24cm/9.5" Ceramic Sharpener

Global G48 Santoku KnifeG48 - 18cm/7" Fluted Santoku

Global G56 Fluted Vegetable KnifeG56 - 18cm/7" Fluted Vegetable Knife


Global GF24 Carving ForkGF24 - 20cm/8" Carving Fork

Global GF27 Butcher KnifeGF27 - 16cm/6.3" Butcher Knife with Finger Guard

Global GF37 Carving KnifeGF37 - 22cm/8.5" Carving Knife


Global GS7 Spear Paring KnifeGS7 - 10cm/4" Spear Paring Knife

Global GS8 Peeling KnifeGS8 - 7cm/2.75" Peeling Knife

Global GS9 Tomato KnifeGS9 - 8cm/3" Tomato Knife

Global GS10 Cheese KnifeGS10 - 14cm/5.5" Cheese Knife

Global GS14 Scalloped Utility KnifeGS14 - 15cm/6" Scallop Utility Knife

Global GS51 Fluted Cook's KnifeGS51 - 13cm/5" Fluted Cook's Knife


Global 313 Carving SetG313 - 2 PIECE CARVING SET - Includes G3 Carving Knife and G13 Carving Fork

Global G257 Three Piece Cook's SetG257 - 3 PIECE CHEF'S Set - Includes G2 Cook's, GS5 Vegetable and
                           GS7 Paring Knives

Global G48338 Santoku SetG48338 - 3 PIECE SANTOKU SET - Includes G48 Fluted
                            Santoku, GS3 Chef's
                            and GS38 Paring
Global G440GB Minosharp Plus Ceramic Wheel Knife Sharpener
G440GB - MINOSHARP PLUS Ceramic Wheel Water Sharpener

Global 471 Whetstone Kit471 - MINOSHARP COMBO WHETSTONE KIT - Rough/Medium with 2 Guides

Global GKB52CB Ship Shape Knife Block                           GKB52CB - Ship    Shape Knife Block
- Holds up to 10 knives (Also available in Black, White and Stainless Steel)

For more information and to view the complete catalogue of Global knives and accessories, please ask a Sales Associate.